Biomedical, Hospital Engineering Consultants and Contractors

Biomedical Equipment Solutions

Planning, supply, and design of equipment and infrastructure for Health facilities, including; ICUs, Dialysis Units, Surgical Theatres and special care areas.

Medical Gases Pipeline Systems (MGPS)

Reliable medical gases piping systems for various hospital departments, ranging from; med oxy, med vac, med air, AGSS and related accessories and equipment.

Biomedical and Industrial Waste Management

Development of solutions for proper disposal of biomedical and hospital waste, using expertise in; Biomedical Incinerators, and clinical waste management

Consultancy on Biomedical & Hospital Engineering

Conceptualization and development of SOPs, equipment specifications, and healthcare worker training on use of new equipment for institutions looking to invest in healthcare

Specialized Ventilation & Refrigeration Systems

Design of specifications for Specialized Biomedical Ventilation & Refrigeration infrastructure, Works, Plants, and Equipment including; Mortuary Units, respective instruments and furniture